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About the event

We're inviting pilots to participate in our event, where vACC Ukraine controllers will be providing ATC service for 24 hours non-stop. Also, pilots that will show good flying and phraseology skills have chances to win valuable prizes provided by our sponsors.

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Important announcements

Fortune made her choice. Please follow the link to see the list of winners!

Posted on 19.03.2018 0827z

We did it! Airspace was busy as never before. We would like to say thank you to all pilots who did flew to us/or made a departure to somewhere else. We had great experience so far as mistakes too, but we're learning on them and trying to make sure they didn't happen again.
As for results, we will take time to complete/cleanup our calculations and will made announcements here and on our forum/twitter of the winners. Stay tuned!

Posted on 18.03.2018 1115z

Attention all pilots! Booking will be closed 12hrs before event start (March 16, at 2000z). If you're still didn't booked your flight, make sure you will do it before closure time.

Posted on 14.03.2018 1020z

Pilots, who did booked their flights prior 06.03.2018, please authenticate yourself via VATSIM SSO on booking page.
No more actions required after that. Thank you!

Posted on 05.03.2018 1413z

Brief airport information

    Boryspil International Airport (Ukrainian: Міжнародний аеропорт "Бориспіль") (IATA: KBP, ICAO: UKBB) is an international airport in Boryspil, 29 km (18 mi) east of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It is the country's largest airport, serving 65% of its passenger air traffic, including all its intercontinental flights and a majority of international flights. It is one of two passenger airports that serve Kiev along with the smaller Zhulyany Airport. Boryspil International Airport is a member of Airports Council International.

Longest hard-surface runway: 18L/36R, 13123 x 197 ft.
Elevation: 427 ft.
Approach types: ILS VOR NDB

Position frequencies

UKR_CTR123.450CTA UkraineUkraine radar
UKBV_CTR135.150CTA KyivKyiv radar
UKBV_APP124.670TMA Kyiv (TC1+TC2 combined)Kyiv radar
UKBV_1_APP127.720TMA Kyiv TC-1Kyiv radar
UKBV_2_APP124.670TMA Kyiv TC-2Kyiv radar
UKBB_APP122.770TMA Kyiv (TC3+TC4 combined)Kyiv radar
UKBB_3_APP128.170TMA Kyiv TC-3Kyiv radar
UKBB_4_APP122.770TMA Kyiv TC-4Kyiv radar
UKBB_TWR119.300CTR Kyiv BoryspilBoryspil tower
UKBB_GND118.050Kyiv Boryspil groundBoryspil ground
UKBB_DEL130.270Kyiv Boryspil clearance/deliveryBoryspil delivery
UKBB_ATIS126.700Kyiv Boryspil ATIS (eng)

Charts & sceneries

    We have sceneries for all simulators and different kinds of airport charts to fit your taste. Scenery unfortunately doesn't have latest features of P3D v4 and XPL 11, but it works fine.

General rules

    We expect a lot of traffic. Every pilot should read this guidelines carefully to make event enjoyable for all participants!

  • Read carefully terms of participation in the drawing!
  • Be sure that you have latest AIRAC database for your aircraft (at least 1701).
  • Keep your readbacks short and simple. Listen carefully to the frequency.
  • Avoid unnecessary and long radio messages during high workload of the controller.
  • Try to do readbacks as quick as possible.
  • If you do not understand an instruction, then ask controller again.
  • Don't "step" on other pilots or controllers conversations.
  • Wait few seconds before doing any transmission right after you switched to a new frequency.
  • Interpret correctly instructions "CONTACT <frequency>" and "MONITOR <frequency>". First means "report on frequency", when second means "switch to frequency and standby for ATC call".
  • Comply with ATC instruction "REPORT CALLSIGN ONLY TO <frequency>". It means that you're reporting only your callsign to the next controller without any other following information like greetings, position, altitude, speed, heading etc.
  • We're happy to assist you in case of simulated emergency, but be ready that ATC can ask you to cancel emergency or disconnet from network in case if cancellation is not possible.

Ground operations

    If you did booked departure flight, then make sure that you're have enough time for preparation, as there can be delays on Clearance/Delivery position due to a large number of those wishing to fly from Boryspil.

  • Adhere to your slot time if you booked one.
  • Check available stands/gates on map.
  • Make sure that your aircraft fits gate/stand.
  • Obtain actual ATIS information on frequency 126.700.
  • Before any movement, you should have ATC clearance. Contact clearance/delivery for getting one. Do not start any movement without instruction!
  • When ready for pushback/start-up call ground controller. Listen carefully for pushback directions.
  • All ground movement (except when crossing active runway) at the airport is performed with TCAS mode STANDBY.
  • Call ground when ready to taxi. Do not exceed speed of 30 kts.
  • If you're lost, ask controller for help or for progressive taxi.
  • Ground controller will transfer you to tower when you are approaching holding point or if you need to cross active runway.
  • After handoff from tower, contact ground and report your position with intentions to taxi to gate/stand. Request a specific gate/stand if needed.
  • Do not exceed speed of 30 kts.
  • Please avoid messages/requests like shutdown, frequency change etc. upon arrival to gate in case of high controller workload.

Working with tower

  • Be ready for immediate departure.
  • Do not report "rolling" or "airborne". Switch on departure frequency right after airborne. Not before!
  • Take-off clearance is valid for 1 minute. If you unable to make departure in 1 minute - tell tower controller!
  • In case of rejected take-off report to tower and vacate runway via first available taxiway.
  • In case of high traffic expect late landing clearance.
  • Be familiar with published missed approach procedure.
  • After landing vacate runway as soon as possible. Do not stop on the runway!

Working with approach/departure

  • On initial contact with departure frequency report your current altitude and altitude you're climbing to. Do not report SID name, aircraft type etc.
  • Do not climb above assigned initial climb altitude without instruction!
  • Transition altitude in Ukraine is 10 000 ft.
  • Be ready to follow ATC instructions including maintaining specified speed, heading for separation and vertical speed.
  • On initial contact report ATIS identifier you have listened to.
  • Study the arrival charts. You can expect vectors to final.
  • Most of the time we're issuing ILS approaces, but pilots are free to ask for VOR/NDB.
  • In case of independed parallel approaches in progress, visual approaches are prohibited.
  • Follow all speed restrictions/altitude constraints specified by assigned STAR unless otherwise instructed by ATC.
  • Be prepared for holdings. Most of the time we're giving published holdings, but you also should be familiar with hold programming/manual holding execution.
  • In a hold reduce your speed either to assigned by ATC or to minimum clean speed +10 kts.
  • CLEARED ILS APPROACH instruction also means that all speed restrictions, if was assigned before, are cleared unless otherwise instructed by ATC.

Working with center

  • On initial contact with center frequency report your current altitude/flight level and altitude/flight level you're climbing to. Do not report SID name, aircraft type etc.
  • Be ready to follow ATC instructions including maintaining specified speed, heading for separation and vertical speed.
  • Be ready to proceed direct to any assigned intersection/NAVAID.
  • If you don't have slot, then you can expect some delays.
  • On initial contact with center frequency report your current altitude/flight level and inbound intersection/NAVAID.
  • Listen carefully for assigned STAR/arrival instructions and expected approach.
  • Obtain actual ATIS information on frequency 126.700.
  • Be prepared for enroute holdings. Most of the time we're giving published holdings, but you also should be familiar with hold programming/manual holding execution.

Terms of participation in the drawing

    With participation in the event, each participant has the opportunity to win valuable prizes. In order to participate in the draw, two mandatory requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Pilots should have scenery of UKBB Boryspil installed
  • Pilots should have text "UKBB24H" in their flight-plan remarks
If at least one of this requirements is not met - the pilot will not participate in the final prizes draw!

To determine the participants, among whom prizes will be drawn, we have developed a grading system with the following criteria:
  1. Installed scenery: 0 or 5. Installed scenery is an mandatory requirement.
  2. Remark in flight-plan: 0 or 5. Remark "UKBB24H" is an mandatory requirement.
  3. Phraseology level: 1 to 5. Displays your knowlegde of phraseology.
  4. Completion of ATC instructions: 1 to 5. Displays how good you comply with ATC instructions (speed, accuracy).
  5. Politeness: 1 to 5. Demonstrates your politeness in relation to other pilots and dispatchers.
Each ATC position will give estimates to pilots who have interacted with it. After that we will calculate average numbers for each pilot and if the total score exceeds a certain value, the pilot gets into the drawing.
IMPORTANT: For pilots who will do many flights during event, only 2 of them with highest marks will be counted in drawing.

Live situation


UKBB 221000Z 35004MPS 9999 OVC014 M03/M06 Q1026 R88/190050 NOSIG

TAF COR UKBB 220554Z 2206/2306 34004G09MPS 9999 BKN012 TX00/2212Z TNM05/2305Z
TEMPO 2206/2208 BKN006
TEMPO 2218/2306 2000 BR BKN006

Active ATC

No ATC online

Boryspil gate/stand map

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